To Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs Create Breakthrough Business Ideas


I've listened to countless people through my life say they are interested in entrepreneurship, but encoucter barriers along the way such as:


"My business ideas don't sound very good"
"I am lost when it comes to getting started with business ideas"
"Entrepreneurship sounds interesting, but I don't know how to find business ideas"
"How do I identify profitable business ideas?"
"What are some new and interesting business ideas?"


Have you thought or said this? If so, you've made it to the right site!

Over the years of scouring the internet, looking for these answers, other than a lawn-mowing business, I started to become frustrated with the lack of business ideas being shared regarding new trends, and actionable data.  Even the resources out there about thinking of business ideas boils down to being told to "just think creatively".

With Business Idea Insights, I will turn that fear into confidence by giving you the tools, resources and exercises to create and share your own great business ideas, as it is the first step in your entrepreneurial journey.

Who I am & Why this Website

My name is Mike Nesselbeck.  I am a millennial in my early twenties, and I am inspired by the business possibilities and opportunities waiting to be discovered by you.

Identifying possibilities and business ideas in entrepreneurship has been a passion of mine since I was very little.  


As I grew older, my curiosity to think of potential business ideas grew and grew.  At the age of 15, I attended Washington Business Week (WBW) to learn more about entrepreneurship, idea creation, and execution.  Thinking of the right idea for you and your group is a very important aspect of this intensive week-long process. Two to three days was designated to creativity and innovation excersizes before finalizing the idea.  As well, the power of networking with other inspired people is an idea catalyst in itself, which is why I chose to attend the Advanced program at WBW a year later.  Having a more in-depth experience sparked increased passion for my business idea.

From my exposure to the business and entrepreneurial world at WBW, I knew it was a path I wanted apart of my life.  My major in Entrepreneurship with the University of Victoria was one of the largest suppliers of tools for creativity and innovation in my life that I continue to explore.  The intensive four-month Enterpreneurship program, taught by five incredible professors and entrepreneurs, gave me in-depth insight to how to think of great business ideas. The few weeks of idea creation and exploring were some of my favourite classes, as we applied new tools and techniques to our business ideas for more ideas!

Throughtout all these amazing learnings and experiences I have had, there was always a common theme.  When I asked people if they wanted to be an entrepreneur, I was often told "yes I would love to, but I don't have any good ideas".  

I have learned a tremense amount about idea creation. I want to share my exercises and knowledge with you too, so you can come up with amazing business ideas of your own, that fit your goals or lifestyle.

Thank you so much for stopping by my website. I hope you learn something new you can take with you.