17 Tips for Breakthrough Creativity


Time to read: 5 minutes


Thinking of great business ideas starts with exercising the creative muscles in your brain. Like any other muscle, it becomes stronger if you train properly. Sometimes it will be your fifth idea that you like and take to the next level, or it may be your thousandth idea that resonates with you completely. If that is something that scares you, then these tips are perfect for you to incorporate into your life.


Energy is the key to creativity. Energy is the key to life.

- William Shatner


1. Be Spontaneous

Now I am not saying spend all your savings and fly around the world spontaneous, it is the small spontaneous moments that will matter the most. Next time your friend asks you to do something last minute, maybe it is better idea to say yes, than to say no in fear that it was not planned.


2. Avoid distraction from what is already done

“But the idea has already been done, or is similar to…”. I have heard that sentence countless times, and I am sure you have thought this like I used to. Do not be distracted by what business ideas are already out there.


3. Avoid Negativity

Negativity is a killer of creativity, it will weigh down on your ideas and mood.  Innovative business ideas can be abstract and having a negative outlook will automatically bring neglect to those ideas.


4. Get out of your comfort zone

Start by writing a list of things you hate doing. It could be public speaking, writing, meeting new people, etc. Try once a week to do something that takes you outside your comfort zone. There is a whole world of ideas if you expand your experiences.


5. Break repetition

It can be hard to break the regular routine, especially if you work the nine to five lifestyle. Try taking a different route to work, or a new spot for lunch. Try to break the repetition in your routine.


6. Always ask “Why?”

Asking why can lead you down a path of constant questions and ideas, especially if you are questioning strong conventions.


7. Seek Ambiguity

Ambiguity in situations or in periods in your life can present some of the most incredible business ideas. With ambiguity there is always potential to shed light or reduce the informational void.


8. Designate 30 minutes a day for idea generation

Taking just 30 minutes a day can be the tipping point for creating a habit, to really exercise your creativity muscles. Need some tools to start? Check out my Resources page


9. Meet new people

Meeting and talking with new people will help you gain perspectives of others which is helpful for business ideas. Try and see the problems they have, maybe you can solve them!


10. Embrace fear when thinking of business ideas

If you embrace fear, you won’t be afraid to think of the huge and crazy ideas, the billion dollar ideas. It can be overwhelming to think you have the ability to build a business from an idea that solves huge problems like poverty or climate change. However, don't be. I believe in you!


11. Read a book monthly or bi-monthly

Pretty self explanatory. I enjoy business and creativity books. Want something to get started? Feel free to ask me about it on my Facebook page.


12. Don’t label yourself according to your I.Q

Some of the coolest ideas have come from people that don’t have a 140 I.Q and are part of Mensa.


13. Physical Exercise!

Being physically healthy and exercising is extremely important for your creativity. Your mind will perform better if your body is taken care of.


14. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people

This is a pretty common phrase people say, but it is true! If you want to think of more business ideas, surround yourself with people who are also doing that (great first step by coming to the Business Idea Insight Facebook page).


15. Forget the haters

Don’t think about the negativity that may exist out there to hate on your idea. If you love it, and are passionate about it, go for it.


16. Listen to criticism

Criticism is a lot different from hate. If people are telling you constructive criticism, listen, some criticisms can be the root of a creative thought.


17. Embrace risk

Any creative person will tell you this. Some of the most historic artists and business people embraced risk by using different models or resources to change the game.

Creativity takes patience. It is also not a science so there is no perfect equation but this list will put you 17 steps in the right way.