26 Summer Business Ideas



For some, the summer is a time for relaxation and rest, while for others, it is a break from school and a time where you can try new things. Instead of getting a job and having to work for someone for eight hours a day, maybe you are ready to begin your entrepreneurial journey and start a business. These 26 business ideas are designed for beginners looking to step into entrepreneurship. Many of them don’t require a significant amount of investment, which is why they are perfect for you to try.


1. Pop-up Lemonade/ Ice Cream Stand

Pop up lemonade stand business idea

This may be one of the most old-school business ideas, but it is here for a reason. It’s a classic that can be done any summer and anywhere to make some money. It is also quite easy to setup. Simply getting a business license, street vendor license and some lemonade or ice-cream supplies and you can go make some sales. Want to take this to the next level? Get a liquor license and rent a small patio for adults to drink their alcoholic lemonade on a hot summer day.



2. Food Truck

Although Food Trucks can be business ideas year round, they make GREAT business ideas for the summer. With all the music festivals and events that happen, portable food trucks that serve good food are essential. Have a favorite style of food you are known for by your friends? Maybe you can start a food truck this summer instead of being a kitchen cook.



3. Kids Tech Boot Camp

Parents are always looking for camps and stuff that can keep their kids busy while at work, so why not start a weekly camp they can sign up for. The theme of this camp could be technology. Using fun tools like the Raspberry Pi or other cool electronics, you can teach kids how to code computers in an engaging way. Not only will the kids like it, but their parents benefit by having a safe place to drop their kid off while they work.



4. Wasp Trap

A huge problem in the summer time, or even hot places in general, are the wasps. They create nests in your house, in the swing sets, and even in your outside storage compartments. How annoying! A great business idea to solve this would be to create wasp traps. Technology is available now that attracts the wasps using biological smells that they are attracted to. This way you can hang a trap in the back of your yard, and they will attract away from your house.



 5. Deer Deterrent Water Shooter

Deer eating people’s plants and gardens is a huge problem that they put up with or try to fight against every year. With some gun laws, you are not always allowed to shoot the animal, so you need other ways of getting rid of them. By creating a motion sensor water gun, it could detect when a deer is in the radius of its view and shoot water to scare it away. An ethical business idea.



6. Local Car Wash

 This is one you can set-up for CHEAP, and make great money. Alls it takes is some creative marketing to get people interested in your car wash, and a few others who you can pay to help wash cars. Just a sunny day, some buckets of soap, marketing materials and you can go make some money.



7. Epic Child Care

Why epic? Because there is way too many lame things out there for children. As someone who had a Nanny when I was younger, I always thought they could step it up a notch and do something epic! As a nanny, the business idea here would be to create a child-care experience that has games and events for the kids that they love. Maybe one day it is bringing a bouncy castle over, and the next can be venturing in the play park. Being a very trustworthy person in the community is critical for this business idea.



8. Pool Maintenance

If you are rich enough to own an in-ground pool, chances are you will want to sit back and relax without having to worry about the care of the pool. To find your first clients, go door to door in some of the expensive areas of your city to see if they want your services. Knowledge of keeping pools maintained, and supplies of the necessary chemicals would be needed.



 9. "BBQ Like New" Clean BBQ Services

I’ve never even heard of someone who will completely clean my BBQ from head to toe. During the summer, no one wants to have company over and show off their disgusting BBQ. With this idea, you would take apart, clean, and reassemble their BBQ. Maybe even refilling propane as needed too.  Some hard work ethic and knowledge about assembling and disassembling things will allow you to start this business idea.



10. "Golf Course Lawns" Lawn Care Mowing in Summer

I’ve seen a million people tell me a business idea of “Landscaping”.  Quite frankly I think that idea is bland. To spice it up a bit, this business idea would consist of creating golf course quality lawns for people. Instead of offering a thousand different landscaping services, offering a single service done with extremely high quality can be a business idea of its own.



11. Local Outdoor Enthusiast Adventures

Local Outdoor Enthusiast Adventure Business

Locals love to go adventure the outdoors in the summer. One of the main problems that local outdoor enthusiasts run into is finding the “hidden gems” of the outdoor world. The business idea here is to set-up fun outdoor experiences for locals. Being an expert in the outdoors in your area is a must. By setting up a Meetup group with a $20 fee, this would be a great way to get things started.



12. Tourist Photographer

During the summer time, many people like to travel to different places and visit the world. That will probably include tourists coming to a city near you. Don’t have a fancy camera? Borrow your friends. Taking a few pictures, and saving them to a USB for people could be convenient. You could also pick up an old school polaroid camera and give those out. $10 - $20 for a picture set in front of your cities iconic areas would be a bargain for tourists looking to create lasting memories.



13. "Pick Up a Picnic" - Order a Picnic To Go

Who doesn’t love a good picnic during a hot summer day? I know I do! For this business idea, you would create basics that are designed to a person’s preference of food/ allergy restrictions/ drinks, so they don’t have the hassle of collecting everything. On a nice day, they can simply pick up the phone and order a picnic to-go from you.



14. Local Farmers Market Host/ Seller

farmers market business idea

Although these are put on by others, have you noticed areas in your town that don’t have these popping up on the weekends? What if you worked with the local farms around you to host a market. This business idea would make money by charging a small commission to farmers for a stand at the market. This would take the stress off of the farmers to organize these events every week.




15. Sports Equipment Rental

Many places offer to sell sports equipment, but not many places offer to rent it. The business idea here consists of gathering sports equipment and setting up a table at the local tennis, basketball, baseball, and volleyball courts, as well as beaches. People would then be able to rent sports equipment for their game.



16. Jet Ski Rental  (Airbnb style)

Jet Ski Rental! This one is quite self-explanatory, but to make this different we are going to combine the Airbnb-style of allowing anyone to rent out their jet ski. This reduces the cost of you having to buy the Jetskis, and you could take a small fee for pairing up the user and the owner. Renting space at your local marina would be helpful for having a single spot where people can show up to rent them.



17. Unique Cleans: Boat/ RV Detailing Service

Unique Cleans: Boat/ RV Cleaning

This one should not come as a surprise. This idea has been around for ages, but people STILL need this done every year. With summer here people want a clean boat or RV as they take it out of storage and show it off to everyone. No one wants to show off their dirty stuff. Low cost, you could start by gathering cleaning supplies and going door to door to people who have RV’s or boats. Maybe you aren’t afraid of getting a little wet and you can offer this service down at your local marina.



 18. House Painting

Again, this is a classic. House painting as a business idea. This one is a little more competitive as the house painting business idea has been around for a long time. If you have great design skills with colours, this may be a business you should consider.



19. Summer Job Coordinator

Do you have friends that are looking for jobs? Do you know how to connect people or know people who are hiring? If you answered yes to both those questions, this business idea could be for you. Similar to a recruiting agency, you would find jobs for your friends and work with employers who only need summer students. If you are a student, and don’t want to get a job, maybe this idea is for you.



20. Professional Street Art Painter

Professional Street Art Painter Business Idea

Professional street art can be beautiful, and it can also cover up ugly graffiti once left by vandals. Do you have a talent for painting? By approaching local businesses that have graffiti on their walls, or that have old street art, you can charge them for cleaning up their space.




21. "Lake Days" - Private Boat Service, With Water Sports

I had to brand this idea as “Lake Days” because it sounds cool and would be something I would use in the summer. Different than the jet ski rental business, this idea would involve owning or leasing a few boats, and the renting them out to people with the desired water equipment. Charging a day or hourly fee plus expenses would work.



22. Course/ School Curriculum Prep.

Every year during the summer, teachers get ready to go back to school in September by creating new course curriculum or lessons for their students. If you had insight into how teachers would like things designed and planned for the year, teachers could outsource this work to you. Once the summer's over, this business idea would dissolve and you could go back to school if you were a student too.



23. Emergency Dress Clothes Delivery

Summers can be hot. Public transit, meeting rooms, offices, and elevators are just some of the spaces that get really hot and uncomfortable in the summer too. For business women and men, maintaining a dress code of business casual or formal can be stressful. Simply setting up a website with various branded dress clothes, people could quickly order a shirt from your site to replace their sweaty one at work. You would need to deliver it as well to make this solve a real pain point.



24. Drive-in Movie Theatre

Drive in Movie Theatre Business Idea

This is a summer classic event. Instead of being the one that coughs up all the money for it, you can be the one running it and make money this year. Some essentials for this involve renting out a field or parking lot, a large screen that people can see from far away, and an open radio channel you can use to transmit the sound to the car radios.




25. A Night Market

Night markets can be huge year round, but the summertime is perfect for them because you don’t have to worry about weather risks as much.  This business idea will take a lot of planning and organizing, however, you may be able to run these events in a cost effective manner. If you could organize all the entertainment, games, food, and drinks to come to your event, then charge a small commission on all the vendors, this business idea could generate some great revenue for yourself.



26. Music Festival Organizer

If you are looking to start a business idea as your summer job, this idea is still feasible if you want to organize a smaller, more intimate, music festival.  The problem with the large festivals is that they take a significant amount of time to plan and organize. Mainly due to the performers needing a long lead time before their performance. With a smaller show, it would be easy to get local artists and possibly a place to host it. This is a perfect business idea if you are wanting to enter the events planning space. 


So there you have it, 26 business ideas you can start this summer. The times of getting a summer job are slowly changing, and if you have the time and a little extra money, summer is the perfect time to experiment with entrepreneurship.


I’d love to hear what your favourite idea is, so comment below and let me know!