80+ Business Models For Your Business Idea


Picking a business model is extremely important for your business idea, or is a great way to think of ideas by applying a certain model you like to a solution you have to a problem. Different business models require different resources and expertise to operate, which makes knowing your options even more important!

Here is an extensive list of various different business models with examples. Usually with business models, it is easier to imagine the example, and how they make money, then an explanation of what the business model is. This is not every model out there, but it is a huge list that will allow you to test how your idea will make money. 



Models  Examples

Display ads - Yahoo!

Search adsGoogle

Text adsBing

Video adsYouTube

Audio adsSpotify, Pandora

Promoted contentFacebook

Paid-content linksOutbrain, Taboola

Recruitment adsLinkedIn

Lead generationMoneySuperMarket, ZocDoc

Affiliate marketingYouTubeCreatorsHub.com


Featured listings-  Yelp

E-mail adsGmail


Real-time-intent ad deliverySnapchat

Location-based offersFoursquare

Sponsorships/Site take-oversGoogle Play Music

Lifetime, unique ad spacemilliondollarhomepage.com

SponsorshipsTwitch.tv users



Models - Examples



Crowd-sourced marketplaceThreadless

Excess-capacity marketsLyft, AirBnB


Flash sales-  Gilt, Vente Privee

Group buying-  Groupon

Digital goods/downloads-  Napster

Virtual goodsZynga 


Pay what you wantpaywhatyouwant.eu

Commission-  SharesPost

Commission per order Skip the Dishes

Auction-  eBay

Reverse Auction -  Priceline

Barter for servicesSwapRight



Models Examples

Software as a Service (SaaS)-  Salesforce

Service aaS (as a Service) Shopify

Content aaS Netflix

Platform aaS (PaaS)dotCloud, Heroku

Freemium SaaS-  Dropbox


Recurring donations (w/ rewards)-  Patreon

Membership services -  Amazon Prime

Support and maintenance  MondoDB

PaywallNew York Times

 Strict Paywall The Information

Voice and video conferencing Uberconference


Peer to Peer (P2P)

Models  Examples

P2P lending  -  Lending Club

P2P gambling Youbetme

P2P insurancefriendsurance.com

P2P computingCrashPlan storage

P2P service   TaskRabbit



Models Examples

Merchant acquiring PayPal (On-/Offline)

Acquiring processing Paymentech

Bank transferDwolla

Bank depository offering - Movenbank

Bank card issuance Simple

Fulfillment Amazon FBA

Messaging WeChat

Telephony (public networks)-  Zoom

Mobile payment gateway  -  Braintree



Models Examples

Per seat Sencha

Per device/server Qlik

Per application instance  Adobe Photoshop

Patent -  Qualcomm

Brand franchise Subway



Models - Examples

User data -  Oracle

Business dataDuedil

User intelligenceYouGov

Search Data -  Rubicon Project

 Real-time consumer intent dataYieldbot

Benchmarking serviceComscore

Market research-  GLG



Models - Examples

Paid-app download WhatsApp

In-app purchase Angry Birds

In-app subscription  Foundr app

Advertising  Flurry, Go2Mobi

Digital-to-physical  Postagram



Models Examples

Freemium (virtual currency)  -  Zynga 

Subscription GameCrates

Premium   Xbox One games

DLC (downloadable content)  - World of Warcraft

Ads addictinggames.com