Top 5 Tools to Keep Track of Your Business Ideas

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Sometimes you think of a really great idea at the worst time, which is why I created this list to help you always have something to write down your business ideas. Whether you are in the shower (say what!),  or listening to music on your phone, I got you covered! If you went through a brainstorming session or did one of my exercises recently, an idea could spur any moment as your brain is warmed up for it.


Digital Tools


Having the tools on your phone to record your ideas is key! We all know we carry our phones around with us anywhere we go. How about surfing Reddit on your computer? I got you covered.


1. Evernote

I love Evernote because it syncs across my phone and computer. By having a tab that I designate to business ideas, I never forget the idea if I am walking down the street or sitting on the bus.

As well, since it syncs with my computer, if I read something online that triggers inspiration for a great idea, I pop open a new tab with Evernote and I don’t have to worry about losing it. Lastly, is that the free version is perfect if you just need somewhere to record business ideas.



2. Notes App

Any phone these days has a “Notes” app. Use it! In situations where you don’t want to use data, or you don’t have cell reception, the notes app is perfect. I sometimes use this if I am taking a subway underground where I lose cell reception. The notes app works great in conjunction with the next tool…

Choice of Notes apps:




3. Dropbox

Dropbox is where I upload all my notes from my phone, or pictures I take that inspire me. I do this because on several occasions I have lost some really great business ideas because my phone broke. Since the notes don’t back up to the cloud like Evernote, uploading your pictures and notes to Dropbox keeps it in a safe place. It also makes it accessible ANYWHERE, so no need to worry about accessing off of one device.


Physical Tools


4. Moleskine Notebook

Having a notebook is essential if you are trying to think of your next best business idea. Also, the reason I promote the Moleskine notebooks is because I love the high-quality paper, binding, and skin to the notebook. If you carry something around like this, you want to make sure you like the design and feel.

Sometimes to think of better ideas you need to stop being fed all the information that your phone can distract you with. Clarity will help you develop more and better business ideas. If you are having a brainstorming session, you can’t go on Facebook through your notebook, but you can with your phone. Something to consider when you do your next business idea brainstorming session.


5. Waterproof Pen & Paper

This one is definitely in my top resources for never losing a thought. I don’t know why but I think of some of my greatest ideas in the shower. The worst thing is that it is so hard to record business ideas if you are in the shower. Once you step out, I would be soaking wet and would not want to grab my phone. Finally dry and dressed, by the time I was ready to write it down I would have forgotten the idea. Since then I picked up a waterproof pen and paper, and now I sometimes doodle in the shower for fun…. woops.


I hope you are able to take away some of these resources and use them to your advantage like I have. Even if you think your idea that popped up is bad, write it down and you never know how a greater idea could stem from it. The key here is to ALWAYS go back and read them over again. Take a chance to think about each idea. It can be great to have a place to write them down, but if you never follow-up then what was the point? 

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