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Welcome! I am so glad you made it. As you may know, idea creation is the first step to entrepreneurship, and these articles, videos and resources will be a great starting place if you are feeling lost.


Getting Started With Thinking of Business Ideas


Why Business Ideas are Important?


Business ideas are the base of entrepreneurship. Without an idea to start with, the rest of the pyramid doesn't work. No revenue can be made without an idea. To reach that point, it begins with your business idea. Once you have decided that, you gather your resources you have available. That can be money, equipment, employees, partners, etc. Combining your resources with your idea, you create a business to serve your customers! Finally, you get paid once you have customers.


What if you had a bad idea and no one wanted to buy your product or service you created? What if you hate the business you created and it flops? These are extremely important questions I can help you answer, otherwise your whole pyramid is going to crash.


Top 3 Tools and Exercises

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The Detective Technique:

8-step guide to thinking of business ideas from the news

This exercise will help you think of business ideas from the news. The great thing about utlizing the news, is that it gives you the possibility to think of new ideas daily!  

Check out this downloadable exercise to think of business ideas from the news in 8 steps. Sign up to my newsletter, and I will email it you to right away!



Udemy Course: How to come up with killer business ideas

This course is jam packed with content to help you come up with ideas.  If you are interested in taking a course online about idea generation, I 100% recommend this one by Evan Kimbrell. He gives you over 10 hours of content lectures, as well as access to the other students through Slack.  

What is great about learning from a resource like Evan and Udemy is that the course is professionaly done, and Evan has a strong passion for entrepreneurship with many successful ventures.



The Ultimate Guide to Successful Business Ideas

This is one of the first pieces of my blog you should read if you do not know where to start. I talk about some of the fundamentals for business ideas, as well as give you three different exercises you can use to think of your own business ideas. Don't worry, I am not going to help you come up with a bland idea here.



Thank you!


I appreciate you taking the time to further your business idea generation with my materials. I do this because I want to create meaningful change in your life. 

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