Hey my name is Mike Nesselbeck


I’m here because I am passionate about helping young and aspiring entrepreneurs overcome the difficulties and frustrations with thinking or discovering great business ideas.


I know what it is like to feel frustrated and defeated when you can't think great business ideas or you don't know how. You may be wanting to break into entrepreneurship, but you are stuck in the idea phase.


That is why I am here to help you

  • Go from "Want-repreneur" to "Entrepreneur" with great business ideas.
  • Develop mindsets and strategies to discover great business ideas from rising trends in the world.
  • Find a business idea that fits both your financial and personal lifestyle goals.
  • Have the confidence to take that first step with your new business idea and entrepreneurship.


It wasn’t long ago that I was severly struggling with coming up and discovering new business ideas. I would search the internet for hours looking for new ways of thinking and fresh business ideas arising from changes in our world. However, I never found any new business ideas or ways of thinking that helped. I would mainly come across lame business ideas like accountant, graphic designer or author. All ideas that equate to careers, not necessarily business ideas.


Years later, after attending business camps and specializing in entrepreneurship through university, I discovered several new ways to discover and think of business ideas. 


It hasn’t always been easy. I have run into problems like running out of inspiration for new business ideas, troubles finding reliable information to base ideas on, and just coming up with overall crap business ideas, to name a few.


Now I am helping other young aspiring entrepreneurs put on their entrepreneurial sunglasses and see the business ideas that are out there. Using proven methods, I help people discover business ideas that fit with there future goals. 


I want to help you to get the same results. The first step is simple, subscribe to my email list to get access to all the downloadable resources. Perfect for starting out.